Recruiting for clinics and healthcare through discreet and direct targeting of exclusive candi­dates

More than 200 successfully filled positions in over 70 clinics and practices

Challenges and solutions in recruitment

Clinics and practices looking to fill a high-profile position often have very specific ideas about which criteria a suitable candidate for the role must fulfill. At the same time, the positions can only be filled if a suitable candidate can be persuaded of the advan­tages of taking on the new role. After all, indivi­duals who are suitable for the job generally hold another position and must first be actively headhunted.

Lorek Perso­nal­be­ratung is familiar with the requi­re­ments of medical facilities as well as those of managing directors, senior physi­cians, and chief physi­cians and brings the facility and the candidate together. The focus here is on:

Candi­dates with unusual combi­na­tions of skills and qualities

Thanks to our many years of experience and numerous contacts, we manage to identify suitable specia­lists quickly.

Candi­dates who aren’t willing to change jobs at first

With the right argumen­tation, we can convince even those specia­lists who are hesitant to change jobs at first that your position is right for them.

Candi­dates that routinely reject being approached by headhunters

We have the know-how and the methods to effec­tively address people who normally reject attempts at headhunting.

Do you need new management staff for your clinic or practice?

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